Dear Cretins,


Вам это будет интересно!

  • my dear Omer) **

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  • Below is a copy of a letter that won a competition in UK as complaint letter of the year... This is a real-life customer complaint letter sent to NTL.
    Dear Cretins,
    I have been an NTL customer since 9/7-01, when I signed up
    for your 3-in-one deal for cable TV, cable modem, and telephone.
    During this three-month period I have encountered inadequacy of
    service which I had not previously considered possible, as well as
    ignorance and stupidity of monolithic proportions. Please allow me
    to provide specific details, so that you can either pursue your
    professional prerogative, and seek to rectify these difficulties -
    or more likely (I suspect) so that you can have some entertaining
    reading material as you while away the working day smoking B&H and
    drinking vendor-coffee on the bog in your office:

    My initial installation was cancelled without warning, resulting in
    my spending an entire Saturday sitting on my fat arse waiting for
    your technician to arrive. When he did not arrive, I spent a further
    57 minutes listening to your infuriating hold music, and the even
    more annoying Scottish robot woman telling me to look at your
    helpful website....HOW?

    I alleviated the boredom by playing with my testicles for a few
    minutes - an activity at which you are no-doubt both familiar and
    highly adept. The rescheduled installation then took place some two
    weeks later, although the technician did forget to bring a number of
    vital tools - such as a drill-bit, and his cerebrum. Two weeks
    later, my cable modem had still not arrived. After 15 telephone
    calls over 4 weeks my modem arrived... six weeks after I had
    requested it, and begun to pay for it.

    I estimate your internet server's downtime is roughly 35%... hours
    between about 6pm -midnight, Mon-Fri, and most of the weekend. I am
    still waiting for my telephone connection. I have made 9 calls on my
    mobile to your no-help line, and have been unhelpfully transferred
    to a variety of disinterested individuals, who are it seems also
    highly skilled bollock jugglers.

    I have been informed that a telephone line is available (and someone
    will call me back); that no telephone line is available (and someone
    will call me back); that I will be transferred to someone who knows
    whether or not a telephone line is available (and then been cut
    off); that I will be transferred to someone (and then been
    redirected to an answer machine informing me that your office is
    closed); that I will be transferred to someone and then been
    redirected to the irritating Scottish robot woman...and several
    other variations on this theme.

    Doubtless you are no longer reading this letter, as you have at
    least a thousand other dissatisfied customers to ignore, and also
    another one of those crucially important testicle-moments to attend
    to. Frankly I don't care, it's far more satisfying as a customer to
    voice my frustration's in print than to shout them at your unending
    hold music. Forgive me, therefore, if I continue.

    I thought BT were shit, that they had attained the holy piss-pot of
    god-awful customer relations, that no-one, anywhere, ever, could be
    more disinterested, less helpful or more obstructive to delivering
    service to their customers. That's why I chose NTL, and because,
    well, there isn't anyone else is there? How surprised I therefore
    was, when I discovered to my considerable dissatisfaction and
    disappointment what a useless shower of bastards you truly are. You
    are sputum-filled pieces of distended rectum incompetents of the
    highest order.

    British Telecom - wankers though they are - shine like brilliant
    beacons of success, in the filthy puss-filled mire of your seemingly
    limitless inadequacy. Suffice to say that I have now given up on my
    futile and foolhardy quest to receive any kind of service from you.
    I suggest that you cease any potential future attempts to extort
    payment from me for the services which you have so pointedly and
    catastrophically failed to deliver - any such activity will be
    greeted initially with hilarity and disbelief quickly be replaced by
    derision, and even perhaps bemused rage. I enclose two small
    deposits, selected with great care from my cats litter tray, as an
    expression of my utter and complete contempt for both you and your
    pointless company. I sincerely hope that they have not become
    desiccated during transit - they were satisfyingly moist at the time
    of posting, and I would feel considerable disappointment if you did
    not experience both their rich aroma and delicate texture. Consider
    them the very embodiment of my feelings towards NTL, and its
    worthless employees.

    Have a nice day - may it be the last in you miserable short life,
    you irritatingly incompetent and infuriatingly unhelpful bunch of


    Вам это будет интересно!

  • my dear Omer) **

  • Помогите найти microsoft office 2007 пробную версию для windows xp sp3 2013!!!

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